Idan Atiq Rafiq


Idan Atiq Rafiq


FIN L-C CH Idan Atiq Rafiq (s) (imp. Israel)
Thurayah (s) (imp. Qatar)

Born 17.6. 2005
4 dogs & 2 bitches, smooths

Colours grizzle & particolour

The parents of the N-litter were also aquired with an eye toward breeding. I waited for Lublub's birth for 3 years, but I got exactly what I hoped for. I fell for Rafiq when looking at pictures of his litter at the age of 8 weeks, and bought him specifically as a mate for Lublub. As a young pup he looked made for her and that feeling only intensified as I watched them mature. They too are crazy about each other! I expected very much of this litter. Both are similar in type, have wonderful temperaments and are very people-oriented, athletic and lightly and effortlessly moving Salukis Rafiq's trot in particular is light as a feather. Both are incredibly agile runners and their parents and other relatives are proven hunters. Lublub's sire for example was once known as a very good gazelle hound, despite his diminutive size.

I thought Lublub would be a wonderful dam, but I've never seen a dog enjoy her pregnancy so much. The birth and caring for the pups seemed equally effortless. With the H-litter Farha washed, cleaned and let her pups suckle her until they were 4 months old and Lublub too bravely cleaned the pee and poop and let her pups suckle until they were 10 weeks old.

I had 5 bitches booked, so naturally I got 4 males and only two females! The litter is now 3 years old. Some of them could use a little more self-confidence - on the other hand they are very intense, quick to rev up and hard headed, devoted to their own and have a lot of heart in the chase. Their construction is imminently balanced and unexaggerated, yet they are very beautiful. One of the males had occasional and slight tremors of the head, which seemed to have ceased upon castration, perhaps confirming the vet's diagnosis that the tremors were due to excess testosterone. One male has had a couple of urinary infections and urinary stones. The others have been healthy thus far.

Nujaima who stayed at home is a tiny bitch, pretty as a picture, with loving yet dignified character, and is a very agile and sure-footed runner.

Nimran al-Hasa, Najm al-Saud, Nujaima al-Hasa, Nadim al-Rahat & Najiya Bint Lub at the first puppy meeting 9th October 2005


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Idan Atiq Rafiq (s)

imp. Israel

Rasas of Rahat (s)

Johnny of Rahat imp. Jordan
Warda of Rahat (s)
Bauda of Rahat (s)
Bonny of Rahat (s)
Phantom of Rahat (s)


Thurayah (s)

imp. Qatar

Qartas (s)
Yasmine (s)

The Lovers

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True Love - Rafiq & Lublub in summer 2004