Qashani Nimran al-Hasa

Nimra 4 years, pic by Irene Pulkkinen

Qashani Nimran al-Hasa - 'Nimra'
17.6. 2005 - 27.10. 2010
Owned by Irene Pulkkinen

Nimran was always a very active boy. He was the first to learn to gallop and after that always moved from A to B at full tilt, often straight through the puppies' plate of gruel, sending splatters of it across the room ;D


Nimran was the only grizzle male in this litter, very much like his father in type. He was a rambunctious young man who really put a spin on his owner's days, but during his puppyhood his temperament was praised nonetheless.


Nimran al-Hasa means "panther of al-Hasa" and Nimra did his best to live up to the name. Al-Hasa is the name of the Saudi province Lublub's parents come from.

Qashani Nimran al-Hasa 6,5 months - Photo: Mika Mehtonen

Nimra astonished his owner with his boundless energy. He was tireless and gave his owner a run for her money with his antics. Upon reaching sexual maturity he began trying her patience with behaving badly on the leash and exhibiting a boundless libido.

Qashani Nimran al-Hasa 8 months - Photo: Sirpa Tavasti

By late autumn in 2010 Nimra's temperamentally based misbehavior escalated to the point where he attacked one of his packs' smaller dogs. Luckily his owner's intervention kept it from being seriously injured. After a week of tension Irene made the difficult decision to have Nimra put to sleep, hus sending him to less stressful pastures. Safe journey darling Nimra - how I wish I could have given you better tools in life - our grief is boundless...


Idan Atiq Rafiq (s)

imp. Israel

Rasas of Rahat (s)

Johnny of Rahat imp. Jordan
Warda of Rahat (s)
Bauda of Rahat (s)
Bonny of Rahat (s)
Phantom of Rahat (s)


Thurayah (s)

imp. Qatar

Qartas (s)
Yasmine (s)