Qashani Nujaima al-Hasa

Nujaima 4 years

Qashani Nujaima al-Hasa - 'Nujaima'
Born 17.6. 2005
Owned by Micaela Lehtonen

Nujaima was the firstborn in the litter, exactly the grey grizzle smooth bitch I had been hoping for. She was very strong from the beginning, only half out of her mom when she rolled over to the nearest nipple and sucked for all she was worth while Lublub finished whelping and cleaning her!

Nujaima's conformation is very appealing to me. Se is infinitely balanced and grew very evenly. She has her dam's lovely underline and diminutive size, along with dark pigment and pretty, light movement. Like her mother she's also a prodigous serial kisser. She is also a very surefooted runner in difficult terrain and a joy to watch in action.

Nujaima is as sweet as they come and everything I hoped for when planning my N-litter. She's quite the princess, inside and out. Her official name Qashani Nujaima al-Hasa means "little star of al-Hasa" - al-Hasa being the province her maternal grandparents are from.

Nunnu made her show debut at the Saluki Specialty on June 10th 2006 and got an "excellent" under Linda Scanlon. I'm too lazy to ringtrain and it showed in her ring movement. Although this was Nujaima's first time at a big event (or any big gathering, she was not overly stressed or spooked. Salukis were measured at the show and Nujaima's height is 58 cm.

In July at the unofficial Saluki Show she placed 4th in Junior Bitches, got an invitation to the Best Headpiece competition and won the Best Desert Bred competition, with her brother Qashani Nimran al-Hasa taking BOS, judged by Daniela van der Lichte (Hadi el Basher Salukis), Belgium.

Nujaima's heart was auscultated by a cardiologist (no murmurs) in 2009, when she was also TgAA-tested (negative).

I think she's like a jewel: tiny and so beautiful - my love and my pride. On October 6th 2010 Nujaima gave birth to the singleton in my Z-litter - the sire is Qashani Thaqib an-Nazar.


Idan Atiq Rafiq (s)

imp. Israel

Rasas of Rahat (s)

Johnny of Rahat imp. Jordan
Warda of Rahat (s)
Bauda of Rahat (s)
Bonny of Rahat (s)
Phantom of Rahat (s)


Thurayah (s)

imp. Qatar

Qartas (s)
Yasmine (s)