Qashani Nashwan al-Qafr

Qashani Nashwan al-Qafr - 'Osmo'
Born 17.6. 2005
Owned by Lilli Alaoutinen

Osmo's real name Nashwan al-Qafr means "exuberant of the desert". As a small pup he was very calm and quiet, to the point that I wondered if he would ever care to wake up except at mealtimes! This concern proved very unfounded when he suddenly decided he had spent enough time just eating and sleeping, and became the wildest pup of the bunch!

Osmo is a fun young man who always has something to say. His pack include his own people and two Bloodhounds, the Saluki bitch Asarafi Qissa Tigris aka Qiti, and the cat Aku..

Osmo is an active, cheerful, handsome and mischievous boy. Clever too - as he likes to drink from the faucet while his owner brushes her teeth, he has learned by watching her to turn on the faucet himself :) He is the apple of his owners' eye, a masculine, longlegged young man with beautiful, springy movement. The Bloodhounds have taught him howling in unison and he spends his summer days turning their yard upside down, digging craters like a true Saluki!

He has been to two shows with the grades "very good" and "good" :)

Aku & Osmo

This autumn of 2006 when Aku was neutered Osmo guarded his sleep and would not let the bloodhounds near his groggy protege´.


Idan Atiq Rafiq (s)

imp. Israel

Rasas of Rahat (s)

Johnny of Rahat imp. Jordan
Warda of Rahat (s)
Bauda of Rahat (s)
Bonny of Rahat (s)
Phantom of Rahat (s)


Thurayah (s)

imp. Qatar

Qartas (s)
Yasmine (s)