Qashani Saroukh Saudi

Tek Kulak Pirzola

We are once again hoping for a Saluki litter entirely from country of origin hunting lines in the summer of 2015.

The prosepective sire is the handsome, compact and charming 8 year old Qashani Saroukh Saudi (a k a Sasu), son of my 10½ year old Syrian import Khattaf and my 13 year old Qatari import Thuraya (a k a Lublub). The prospective dam is our 3½ year old gorgeous and tiny Turkish import Tek Kulak Pirzola, who has a wonderful temperament to boot. More info on all of these dogs on their own pages as well as the S-litter page. Sasu and Pirzola are both feathered so their offspring would be as well. Both had cardiac ultrasounds and their eyes checked on May 20th, 2015, all okay.

Interested? E-mail me for more information!