Qashani Saroukh Saudi

Sasu 2 years

Qashani Saroukh Saudi - 'Sasu'
Born 7.6.2007
Owner Päivi Kupiainen

Health tests:
Cardiac ultrasounds: 20.5.2015, OK
Eyes: 20.5.2015, OK
DLA: heterozygote

The feathered Sasu was very active from the moment he was born, thus earning his official name Saroukh Saudi, "Saudi Rocket". Saudi Arabia is the home of his dam's parents. As active as he was, he was also very precocious, an "old soul" who could take time off running around to ponder life quietly, thus earning the nickname "the Zen dog".

Sasu 2014

For the first two weeks of the pups' lives I always sleep in the whelping box with the dam and her litter, and from the very beginning Sasu homed in on me like, well, a rocket ;) Every morning I woke up with the tiny, still blind puppy sleeping next to me. When his eyes opened he followed me with his eyes and made eye contact as soon as he saw me. You can imagine that it was hard to let him go!) He got the best possible home though, when he moved to Päivi and her family. There he has a loving family, his own yard, and doggy friends to play with: the Jack Russell Oiva and the COO Saluki Qashani Talaqa al-Wajh, "Hali" :)

Sasu 2014

Sasu's owner says he is calm and gentle. A curious combination of independence and a will to please. Good at intuiting people's emotional states - sometimes he seems to read minds. A fairly strong hunting instinct. He adapts well to different situations when with people he knows or his pack members. On his own perhaps a little weary toward new things. Holds his own in the pack but doesn't challenge for example Hali in any way. He ignores strange dogs passing them leasehed in the street. Not sound sensitive. If separate from his people and Hali, he howls a little while.

Sasu 2 years

I myself visited Sasu and his family in the autumn of 2014. Sasu is a very sweet guy who immediately parked next to me. He's very much like his mom in appearance even though the color and coat are so different. I very much hope that he will sire a litter in 2015 - the prospective bride is our Turkish import Tek Kulak Pirzola.


Khattaf (s)

imp. Syria

Janah (s)

Tayra (s)


Thurayah (s)

imp. Qatar

Qartas (s)
Yasmine (s)