Dyanitos Bazzia

Dyanitos Bazzia

Dyanitos Bazzia - 'Zia'
8.2. 1992 - 5.7. 2005
Owner Micaela Lehtonen & Carin Åström
Breeder Inga-Lill Sjöman

Around the time I brought Asheerah home in -98 I heard of a 6-year old bitch, Dyanitos Bazzia (Nureddin-Ibn-Shamal Har Kala Rachi x Afazzia), who needed a new home due to the allergies of her owners' children. I was still living with my parents at the time and did not think they'd be thrilled to find I had acquired two Salukis instead of one…

"Just out of curiosity" (…) I dug out "Zia's" pedigree and noted it was slightly different from the Finnish mainstream. "Just out of interest" (…) I watched her on a show video I had at home and read her critiques. The following morning I showed my mother the tape "for no reason in particular" (…) and said what a pity it was that I could not take Zia. "Why not?" was my mom's response…

Zia in summer '99

I called Zia's owners and soon she was mine. I did tell my father she'd just come for the summer while her owners were away…One day he just asked us what kind of fool we took him for…Once again I thought I might breed this bitch but she was soon diagnosed with malignant mammary tumors and was duly spayed. At any rate she would not have been my kind of breeding material as she is not a good hunter.

Zia in August '99

She is however a lovely pet and a very easy going dog one can have off lead almost anywhere. She's a very sweet, charming character with a beautiful head and expression. She's also the world's greediest dog although now I think the title has been passed on to Sara's Whippet!

Zia, Farha and Asheerah

In the fall of -01 Zia decided (of her own accord) that she no longer wanted to live with my young pack in a small cottage and chose instead to live with Sara and my mom. They have cats and dogs too but a much bigger house.

At 7 years of age Zia developed malignant mammary tumors no doubt brought on by the stress of changing homes. She has since been operated on three times and has also been spayed to slow the growth of the tumors. Zia compensated for the absence of her uterus by increasing her volume and furnishing her extra pounds with a half-Afghan coat.

Zia passed away in the summer of 2005 when her heart began to fail her and breathing was becoming difficult. We will miss her - she enriched our lives. Sleep well Zuippaduida.



Har Kala Rachi
(imp. Belgium)

Shamal Kharaz
Jeddah Al Caliphs
Sedeki Tamineh of Shamal
Shamal Shakhira
(imp. GB)
Pennyworth Kez
Shamal Khaluah



El Hamrah Fadfaad
Baklava's Ahsan-Minh
El Hamrah Shamil
Omani Teeba
El Hamrah Bazman
Sahrai Eramiah

Nureddin-Ibn-Shamal Har Kala Rachi

Zia's sire - Nureddin-Ibn-Shamal Har Kala Rachi


Zia's dam - Afazzia

Dyanitos B-litter

Dyanitos B-litter, Zia is 2. from the right