Qashani Zafir al-Sahrawi

Zafir in June 2011

Qashani Zafir al-Sahrawi
Born 6.10. 2010
Owner Micaela Lehtonen

The Z-litter had a rocky start. There were only two puppies and labor did not begin as it should have. We ended up doing a c-section, and in the nick of time despite the calm demeanor of the dam, as the placentas had come loose and were beginning to decompose. The beautiful grizzle bitch pup had inhaled an amazing amount of amniotic fluid with feces in it and was not well - I ended up having to put her down myself, the worst and most heartbreaking thing I've ever had to do. I posthumously named her Zahra ("flower").

Zafir 1 year

Fortunately the boy had a better start in life, he hadn't inhaled as much fluid and once he got over the anasthetic his mother had been given, he was strong and alert. His mother Nujama didn't quite grasp motherhood for the first day or two. She was groggy and sore and not interested in her babies, though she did let them suvckle nder my supervision. Luckily her dam, the pups' grandma Lublub, who has always adored motherhood, was equally enthusiastic about being a granny. She immediately took the pups under her wing and took care of them as though they were her own.

After I put down Zahra Nujaima suddenly realized she was a mom - whether because she was afraid of losing the boy as well, or because she had sensed something was wrong with the girl, or simply because she'd gotten over her initial confusion, she immediately became a most devoted mother. I named the little boy Qashani Zafir al-Sahrawi, "victorious of the desert", in celebration of the fact that he at least had made it, and in the hope that the name would keep him thriving in the future as well.

Zafir in June 2011

Zafir has had the milkbar to himself, and it showed - he had a coat that was several sizes too large and lots of lard to go with it :D At 8 weeks he is an outgoing, enterprising young tyke. I was determined to be pragmatic and place him on breeding terms, but I couldn't resist him, so he is staying here with me :)

Zafir & Kamila


Thaqib an-Nazar

imp. Syria

imp. Syria


Nujaima al-Hasa (s)

Idan Atiq Rafiq (s)
imp. Israel
Rasas of Rahat (s)
Bauda of Rahat (s)
Thurayah (s)
imp. Qatar
Qartas (s)
Yasmine (s)