Zafran Asli in December 2006

Zafran Asli - 'Safi'
imp. Israel
b. 29.9. 1999
Owner Seija Kotti-Rantala
Breeder Sima Gelem

Safi is the sire of the Qashani H-litter.

With the same flight as Farha arrived Seija Kotti-Rantala's Israeli male Zafran Asli, "Safi" at home. The smooth then 4,5 month old Safi had also been born in -99. His breeder is Jewish Sima Gelem and he is bred entirely from desert stock. He too is a dog with a nice, stable temperament. Farha always remembers her travelling companion and there's plenty of rough-housing when the two meet. In true DB fashion Safi is short-coupled, a well-built Saluki with the same lovely, compact body I've come to expect of these hounds. He moves very soundly with beautiful, light action.

3-year-old Zafran Asli with his owner, Seija

The biggest compliment came from an Iranian man who visited Seija's home as an aprentice to a vacuum salesman. The Iranian was stunned to see Safi and asked how it was possible that such a hound was in Finland. He said he had not seen anything like him since he had left Iran. Seija told him Safi's story and pointing to her Finnish bred feathered Salukis said there were plenty of such hounds in Finland, but he remained adamant that they were not true Salukis.

He politely asked if he could touch Safi and commented that his cream color makes him especially treasured. He was very concerned that Seija should understand Safi's value. I think she does!

Safi 3,5 years

In 2005 Safi had an accident. While running free in the woods he ran eye-first into a stick. The eye could not be saved and so Safi is now a one-eyed boy, which has not hampered him in the hunt.

Safi in 2006


of Kalansua (s)

Trad of el Huzeil (s)
Hobob of Kalansua (s)


of Binyamina

Sacha of Mizpe Ramon
Honey of Binyamina

Ramal of Kalansua

Safi's sire - Ramal of Kalansua

Alex of Binyamina

Safi's dam - Alex of Binyamina

Trad of el Huzeil

Safi's grandsire - Trad of el Huzeil

Hobob of Kalansua

Safi's granddam - Hobob of Kalansua