Our Philosophy

Micaela at a  Bedouin camp in Syria

My breeding goal is simple but oh so difficult: to breed Salukis that look the same as desert hounds have for centuries and that hopefully can still perform their ancient task as hunters. Desert descent Salukis that look like their cousins in the native deserts and villages and that Tutankhamon, Moses, Alexander the Great and Saladin would recognize. I look for hounds from different, provenly functional desert lines on which wide genetic base I will try to build pedigrees based on the riches of the breed.

I'm not afraid of heterotsygosity in the geno- or phenotype as I like many different types and my aim is not to create a uniform signature kennel type but rather to produce those true Salukis while at the same time creating outcross possibilities for others. I’m fascinated by the thought of breeding as an exploratory journey into the breed and its history. In a way it's like beginning anew since desert dogs' pedigrees are largely unknown. They have however survived for generations in harsh conditions where the weak and the sick have fallen by the wayside and hounds uncapable in the hunt have not been kept, let alone bred. Naturally this does not mean a population free from genetic defects, but I try to make responsible choices and to utilize health testing I feel is relevant for this breed.

My hope is that this will help in breeding as healthy as possible, well-built and goodtempered Salukis.

Micaela with Qashani Khalifa Hama

In a breed that is so completely defined by its function, inside out, the original properties are vitally important, yet nearly impossible to preserve in our "civilized" society. The only way to attempt preservation under these circumstances is in my opinion to introduce to one's lines authentic country of origin Salukis as often as possible. Their function in the field has been tested in a way we cannot possibly emulate without open field coursing, which is illegal in Scandinavia.

My ideal Saluki is a short-coupled, square or slightly shorter than tall, leggy sighthound with a compact, muscular body. It should have a strong back and loin, a deep, sufficiently broad chest showing between moderately well-spaced front legs. A good tuck-up, moderate angulation front and rear with legs well under the dog. Wide, well-muscled thighs, strong, well-arched toes and thick pads. A moderately long tail carried in a curve, strong neck, a relatively substantial back skull, strong jaws, not too long a muzzle, an intelligent and intense gaze. Add to that intelligence and loyalty in a good hunter and there it is.

Farha and Asheerah