Our Home

The pack at the gate

In the summer of -98 I and the dogs moved from the greater Helsinki area to Hauho county and there to the tiny village of Eteläinen. For 10 years we lived here in a small red cottage built by my grandfather in the 1950s. In 2008 we built a new house in the same spot, as the old cottage proved irreparable due to moisture and mould. This is where my mother and later we kids used to spend all our summers. The property, called Mäntymäki (Pine Hill in Finnish), is reasonably secluded among woods, fields and meadows with no immediate neighbors except occasinally in the summers. Even then they are out of sight behind a curtain of woods.

view from the living room to the puppy room

The property is 3000 square meters, all fenced with 2 meter wire fencing.

I also have a smaller, 40 square meter puppy run with 120 cm high wire fencing. All dogs can come and go in the house and yard as they please.

The old sauna

Since I'm home all day are life is idyllic, peaceful and centered completely around the dogs, my passion. This means my relationship with them is very close and built on mutual trust. The dogs live freely in the house and share my bed and couch.

The puppy room

8 km from our cottage is the wonderful forest where I run my dogs. During elk hunting we keep to our own property.

Lublub & the N-litter