Bericas Bedar Majan

Bericas Bedar Majan in August 2003

FIN KVA-r (Racing CH)
Bericas Bedar Majan - 'Nils'
imp. Oman
b. 7.3. 2001
Owner Pirjo Puttonen
Breeder Sue ja Bill Heather

In May of -01 11-week old Bericas Bedar Majan a.k.a. "Nils" arrived in Finland from Oman. His breeders are Sue and Bill Heather who have lived in the Middle East for 15 years, 10 of those in Oman. Nils' owner Pirjo Puttonen had read about the Bericas Salukis in Saluki International and contacted the Heathers.

Nils' sire is the black-masked red Almas von Mahmoudiyeh, imported from the mountainous region of Iran and FCI registered in Bahrain. Nils’ dam Jadhaba is a feathered grizzle bred by the Heathers. Her granddam Nisma is a white smooth, a gift from King Hassan of Morocco to the Emir of Abu Dhabi. Nils' pedigree also goes back to Tepe Gawra Salukis who are descended from Saudi tribal hounds, and further back there is a slight British influence.

Bericas Bedar Majan

Very open and friendly, Nils is also very affectionate yet strongwilled just like our desert breds. He respects the other males of his pack but does not tolerate too much commandeering. The family’s young bitch is of course an enthusiastic playmate. Nils reacts strongly to his enviroment, raising his hackles at anything suspicious, but visiting people are greeted with a wagging tail and lots of kisses.

Bericas Bedar Majan 15 months

In September -01 Nils turned 6 months old at which time he weighed 21 kg and measured 65 cm at the withers. Nils has been accepted to the Finnish special registry to which our other desert breds belong.

Bericas Bedar Majan 2 years

Nils has attended a few Specialties since his registration. At the Helsinki Sighthound Club show 2002 he placed 5th in his class under English breeder-judge Ann Birrell. The highlight of the summer of 2003 was at the Tammsvik Sighthound Specialty in Sweden where Nils placed third in the working class on Saturday! The judge was English Nick Bryce-Smith.

Nils Tammsvikissä 2003

Nils' debut in official lure coursing was in the spring of 2003. In his second lure-coursing competition Nils placed second and won a CC. He received his track racing liscence in July. His first race was the Kartano Cup in August, which he won with the time 33.34. Nils has charmed a number of people, not just in Saluki circles, with his open and active temperament.

Nils elokuussa 2003

On our forest runs Nils takes great care to stay with the pack. Once his mistress thought he had run off, so she took the car and began driving toward home along the forest lane. As the asphalt road came into view she stopped the car to assess the situation, when Nils ran up alongside the car. He had run after it all the way. Nils is very attached to his mistress, without being clingy. He is a strong, powerful Saluki yet in no way cobby.

Nils' breeders have moved back to England with their Salukis. The sire Sam and the dam Jadhaba (Bericas Jadhaba Majan) are now registered with the English KC, as are Nils' brother and sister who are also owned by the breeders.

Nils racing

In August Nils tried his hand, or rather his nose, at tracking on a blood trail in the forest. His nose seems to work just fine!

His mental acuity was tested in October of 2003. The final result was 153, with the following critique:

Capacity to function, coefficient 15,
+1 moderate
Tendency toward aggressive behavior, coefficient 1,
+1 low without post-attack aggressiveness
Desire for defence action, coefficient 1,
-1 insignificant
Desire to fight, coefficient 10,
+2 moderate
Nerves, coefficient 35,
+1 tendency to nervousness
Temperament, coefficient 15,
+2 moderate
Hardness, coefficient 8,
+1 tendency to softness
Accessibility, coefficient 15,
+3 kind, accessible, open
Unfamiliar with shots

Nils has been screened, with an A result.

Nils racing

In 2003 track racing season Nils ran 3 championship times. He became Rookie of the Year 2003 with the time 33,28, earning the Abdelkader Perpetual Trophy (given to the saluki with the fastest time on 480 meters in his or her first season). Nils finished his championship in 2006.


von Mahmoudyieh
(imp. Iran)

Parceu von Sarkhez
Tazi von Sarkhez
Serra von Sardasht
Minou von Mahmoudyieh
Halo von Naghadeh
Ziba von Mahmoudyieh


Jadhaba Majan

Tepe Gawra Laaiq
Tepe Gawra Duman ben Arezu
Saleb (s) (U.A.E.)
Maha (s)
Red grizzle
Nisma (s) (imp. Morocco)

Jadhaba & Almas von Mahmoudyieh

Nils' parents - Jadhaba & Almas von Mahmoudyieh

Almas von Mahmoudyieh and a puppy

Nils' sire - Almas von Mahmoudyieh - and a puppy

Jadhaba with her sisters

Nils' dam - Jadhaba - with her sisters, as Jadhaba 1. from the right