Qashani Husn at-Tali

Sputnik 17 months

Qashani Husn at-Tali - 'Sputnik'
1.3. 2003 - October 2005
Owner - Søren & Susanne Schiøtz Hansen, DK

The third to be born in this litter was a small, feathered light cream-colored boy with white markings, designated "U2" (Male2 is Uros2 in Finnish). he soon proved to be an enthusiastic singer and was promptly nicknamed Bono after the singer in the band U2... get it?

Little Bono grew up to look like those furbabies you ooh over in postcars: nearly white, soft and fluffy, with a button nose and very dark, bright eyes.

Hosha & Sputnik

The pups' official names were chosen before their birth and it was obvious that this boy had to be Husn at-Tali - Lucky Star - especially since he had a white star on the forehead and a white lightning-shaped mark on his neck. The official name gave birth to yet another nickname that suited him as well as the previous: until he went to his new home he was known as Hasan, Handsome.

Sputnik 17 months

Hasan proved himself a very mellow young man, always comfortable asleep between mealtimes even after his littermates had begun to play more. Heddi Andersen from Denmark reserved him early on and called frequently to ask how he was doing and what his temperament was like. What could I saw? He sure looked VERY relaxed ;)

Even Hasan eventually woke up to realize playing wasn't a half bad activity. He loved his tennis balls which he would carry around and toss about with obvious delight. He enjoyed cuddling up in my lap too, and continued his easy going ways. By this time Heddi had decided to name him Attila the Hunter.

Sputnik 17 months

Time flew by and Heddi flew to Finland to pick up her puppy. It was wonderful to see how well they connected right from the start. Heddi took the pup in her arms and spoke softly to him and little Attila seemed to decide this was the way he wanted to live :)

The trip to his new home to Denmark began with car ride punctuated by vomiting and continued with a more comfortable flight. Heddi had mild difficulties getting off the plane as everyone of the personell wanted to hold the little bundle.

Sputnik 11 months

Sputnik of course was the pride and joy of his family, a brave young boy who happily greeted people and dogs alike. The Saluki bitch Sha-Ina was Sputnik's friend and protector, despite the fact that he immediately set about hogging her bed and hoarding all her toys onto it!

Sputnik lost his beloved playmate Sha-Ina just before Christmas 2003. In his grief he consoled his mistress. Later another Saluki, Florian, joined their family, and Sputnik became his gentle caretaker.

Sputnik in September 2004

As the christmas of 2004 approached Heddi was diagnosed with a severe illness affecting her spine, and was therefore forced to rehome her Salukis. Sputnik went to a mutual friend of ours, Kristina Strålman, who had long dreamt of a puppy from Farha and was especially taken by Sputnik. Unfortunately Sputnik missed Heddi terribly, to the point that after two weeks Kristina regretfully had to give him back to Heddi.

Heddi moved to an apartment with an enclosed garden, so that Sputnik could go out in his own yard on those days that Heddi's back was especially painful. A new problem arose however: after his two week absence Sputnik had developed great separation anxiety and was frantic when he lost sight of Heddi even for a moment. Heddi could not shop for groceries or go for treatments for her illness without Sputnik making a huge fuss which threatened to cost Heddi her home. She began to fear that he would have to be put down.

One day while out walking Sputnik she met a man who had lived in Iran for several years, and had had a Saluki there. Hearing of Sputnik's problem he felt such a fine hound should not be put down at such a young age, and suggested that he try to rehabilitate him. So Sputnik moved to Sören's house in the country. Unfortunately he escaped and was killed by a car... Sleep well my darling Sputnik - we will miss you always...

Sputnik & Florian


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imp. Israel

Ramal of Kalansua (s)
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