Qashani Haqiqi al-Sina

Haqi 3,5 years

Qashani Haqiqi al-Sina - 'Haqi'
Born 1.3. 2003
Owner - Seija Kotti-Rantala

Our little man Haqi was the seventh of the pups to see the light, and for a long time we called him Sulka, Feather in Finnish, since he had a small white feather-shaped mark on his goldenred forehead. The feather has since been replaced by those adorable wrinkles smooth pups get between their ears.

Haqi quickly made a name for himself as the hungriest pup in the litter who would suck onto anything and hold on for dear life. He could suck on to my chin and hang there unaided just by his mouth. That's what I call suction ;)


When I was afraid Farha had eclampsia I fed the pups with a syringe for 24 hours. Feeding Haqi all you had to do was place the tip in his mouth and he sucked the syringe empty on his own. And while the others would accept 2 syringefuls at a time, Haqi could down six in one go... For some reason then Haqi was a chubby little boy for the longest time ;) Now he is far more aerodynamically built but still very masculine.

Haqiqi al-Sina means Genuine or Authentic of the Negev and that this boy certainly is: earnest, honest and forward.


As a little boy Haqi concentrated on eating but gradually he grew into a confident young man who could put his brother Hajum in his place if he wanted to.

Haqi moved to live with his dad Safi to Kyröskoski, where the duo have proved themselves passionate hunters.

Haqi in summer 2006

Haqi was BOB puppy at the open puppy show in Tampere on September 13, and got a good critique from Estonian judge Reet Lint. Haqi's best show result thus far was in Kajaani in early 2005, where he placed first in youngsters with a "very good". The judge was Dr Zafra Sirik, Israel.

Safi & Haqi joulukuussa 2006


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