Qashani Hajum al-Naqab

Hajum 14 months

Qashani Hajum al-Naqab - 'Hajum'
Born 1.3. 2003
Owner - Anna Karrila

Little Hajum was the firstborn and also the first to leave here for his new home, a trailblazer of sorts! While with his siblings he was the undisputed boss of the male pups, but at the same time a very cuddly little boy who was the first to climb into my lap whenever I sat in the whelping box.

Hajum 15 months

As a tiny tot Hajum very determinedly pushed away any competition for his mother's milk, the others could wait their turn when this guy was hungry! His official name Hajum al-Naqab, Violent Wind of the Negev, suited him in that respect.

Hajum 4,5 months

Hajum is a smooth golden boy with an adorable face, dark eyes and black nose. He was the pup who played the most hunting games: chased the lure, shook bits of fur and wrestled with his littermates. He had an ongoing friendly rivalry with his sister Hurra for the position of Top Pup, but as often seems the case, the girl bested him there.


Hajum was forever seducing puppy buyers, even people set on aquiring bitches wavered before him. His greatest idol was Muhafhaf, whom he followed around and carefully emulated as best he could. He was visibly proud to be near this great man, much to the embarressment of Muhafhaf himself :)

Hajum & Wallaby's Umm Uruk

Hajum and Hosha took part in Brace at the Saluki Show in 2003, handled by the intrepid Alex, Hajum's young master. The general confusion and puppylike bouncing resulted in second place with Karin Hedberg judgung. It was a lovely performance, hilarious and touching all at once!

Hajum 14 months

Hajum has a lovely home in Espoo, which he shares with two doggy friends - the two years older Saluki male Uruk and the diminutive Portgese Podengo bitch Nuppu. Hajum is Nuppu's playmate and caretaker. Hajum and his owner Anna frequently take long runs together, as Anna is an endurance runner of national acclaim.I'm told that after an 18 km run the only noticeable difference in Hajum is that he pulls less on the leash ;) In 2005 Anna and Hajum made their debut in the national canicross competition and came in third, winning the Finnish Championship bronze medal.

Hajum, strongwilled like his mother, has displayed his stunning movement also in the lure-coursing field and the ring, whre he places BOS Desert Bred in 2004 and 2005.

Hajum at the Saluki Show 2004

In the spring of 2005 Hajum was ill with what was then thought to be a bacterial lymphnode infection. He got well after several weeks of treatment with antibiotics. In February 2006 however he became very ill with what has now been diagnosed as auto-immune polyarthritis, and in the autumn of 2006 also thrombocytopenia. He is now being treated with massive doses of Prednisone, to which he appears to be responding very well, so we hope and pray he will make a full recovery. It now seems likely that his previous lymphnode episode was related to this illness, as well as the occasional bleeding of his ear leathers which he in the past experienced in very cold weather. His sister Hurra was also ill with what we now believe to have been an auto-immune disease. For this reason I will not breed on from the H-litter nor mate the dam Farha again.


Zafran Asli (s)

imp. Israel

Ramal of Kalansua (s)
Trad of el Huzeil (s)
Hobob of Kalansua (s)
Alex of Binyamina
Sacha of Mizpe Ramon
Honey of Binyamina


Farha al-Faifa (s)

imp. Israel

Regab of Abu Rekiek (s)
Pontiac of Abu Rekiek (s)
Ruth of Abu Rekiek
Risha 3 of Abu Rekiek (s)
Pontiac of Abu Rekiek (s)
Risha 2 of Abu Rekiek