Qashani Hafnat al-Naqab

Hafna at 15 months of age

Qashani Hafnat al-Naqab - 'Hafna'
Born 1.3. 2003
Owner - Laura Myllykangas, Janakkala

Our little red smooth girl Hafna was the eigth to be born and was long called Läikkä (Patch in Finnish) due to the white spot on her neck. She was always in the weightranking's top 4 and has grown into a shapely and firm little girl.

Hafna 14 months

From the beginning Hafna showed herself independent and headstrong, not just beautiful but also an observer and a thinker plus a true redhead when the mood struck her ;) Her name Hafnat al-Naqab, Handful from the Negev, aptly describes her multifaceted personality.


Hafna had the sweetest imaginable little wrinkled forehead as any self-respecting smooth baby should, with a coat soft as velvet. She is nicely built, a Saluki that is restful on the eyes, the hand and the soul.

Hafna in autumn 2003

Little Hafna had to stay in Finland until January 2004 when the importation requirements to Sweden had been met. She left us at 4 months to live in Pieksämäki for that time, as Anna's friend Jaana lives there with the same kind of animals as awaited Hafna in Sweden: Schapendoes's, cats and horses.

Hafna & Habwa 14 months

Unfortunately Hafna did not fit into Anna's household, as she and one of Hafna's other dogs did not get along, and had some violent run-ins. As difficult as it was for Anna she realized this could not go on, and in May Hafna moved back home with us. Anna is still Hafna's godmother though.

She proved a very beautiful and sweet girl who was shy with the pack. Happily she soon found Her Own Home with Laura and Timo and their other Saluki bitch Ada. In her new home Cina was renamed Hafna, the name she went by as a pup, and she spent her days running on their property with her Saluki friend. I'm so glad that she found a home where she was loved for who she was.

Unfortunately it was not to last. In the summer of 2007 Hafna fell ill :( She retained masses of water and her muscles atrophied. Laura and Timo did everything they could, and Hafna underwent all posible tests. The verdict was shocking - Hafna would slowly die due to atrophy of the kidneys. Laura made the right decision, and the beautiful and sweet Sundog went to greener pastures :(

Hafna at 14 months of age


Zafran Asli (s)

imp. Israel

Ramal of Kalansua (s)
Trad of el Huzeil (s)
Hobob of Kalansua (s)
Alex of Binyamina
Sacha of Mizpe Ramon
Honey of Binyamina


Farha al-Faifa (s)

imp. Israel

Regab of Abu Rekiek (s)
Pontiac of Abu Rekiek (s)
Ruth of Abu Rekiek
Risha 3 of Abu Rekiek (s)
Pontiac of Abu Rekiek (s)
Risha 2 of Abu Rekiek