Qashani Habibat al-Qalb

Habi 14,5 months

Qashani Habibat al-Qalb - 'Habi'
Born 1.3. 2003
Owner - Kalle Rautavuori

Habi was always the litter's chubbiest pup although she has now slimmed down to Saluki proportions. Until about 4 weeks of age she went by the nickname The Whale (given to her by our Sara), as she was so chubby that she filled out the bowl we weighed her in like a pudding ;D

Our chubby little girl naturally came by the name Habibat al-Qalb, Darling of my Heart: you simply can't help but adore a tiny, chubby, warm and fuzzy teddy bear lookalike like her!


Habi is not a mere furbaby though, she can be quite the little boss woman when she wants ;) She is a very forward, active, sweet and headstrong gal who always has a project under way: hillsides need digging up, gardens need weeding, lures need chasing and friends need wrestling.

Bea & Habi

Habi is wellbuilt and carries herself well, her natural pose makes stacking a simple procedure. She still has a teddy bear face that I have countless pictures of: it was too adorable to pass by with a camera at the ready while she was here!

Habi 14 months

Habi has grown into a nice-looking and strong young hound, both obedient and cuddly. She found a lovely home in Rauma with Kalle and his two elderly Afghan Hounds. During the day she was in daycare in an apartment that was adjacent to a pet shop, where she and her Rhodesian Ridgeback buddy often snuck in to sample the doggy treats.

Habi 14 months

As an adolescent Habi always had a new trick up her sleeve, including trying to steal a bikerack from a storefront while her master popped in to shop! At present Habi is an only dog since her Afghan friends passed away. Being a shy girl it is not easy for her to make new doggy friends, but we hope she will find some with time.

Habi 14 months


Zafran Asli (s)

imp. Israel

Ramal of Kalansua (s)
Trad of el Huzeil (s)
Hobob of Kalansua (s)
Alex of Binyamina
Sacha of Mizpe Ramon
Honey of Binyamina


Farha al-Faifa (s)

imp. Israel

Regab of Abu Rekiek (s)
Pontiac of Abu Rekiek (s)
Ruth of Abu Rekiek
Risha 3 of Abu Rekiek (s)
Pontiac of Abu Rekiek (s)
Risha 2 of Abu Rekiek